Facial Restoration

There are times when a Family are faced with the extremely difficult situation when a loved one has died as a result of an accident or other tragic circumstance.

Secondary to the extreme nature and sensitivity of such a circumstance, we at Tallon Mortuary Specialists provide a 24 hour confidential service and will co-ordinate with a Family's chosen Funeral Director anywhere across Ireland in organising a private consultation to discuss the possibility and facial restoration available options.

What is Facial Restoration?

Facial restoration or facial reconstruction is the process of resuming a person's physical facial features and presentation to an "identifiable" and "more acceptable" state following an accident or other tragic and traumatic circumstance such as disfigurement secondary to injury or disease, therefore assisting bereaved families who are faced with this life change to say goodbye to their loved one in person, as otherwise saying goodbye to a closed coffin. The facial restoration confirms the idea and thought of "Seeing is Believing" and removes the possibility of questioning "Is he or she really dead?" which ultimately assists the commencement of the five stage process of bereavement and offers hope of reaching the level of acceptance in the transition to their new life change.

The value of precise and appropriate facial reconstruction communication at this crucial time can never be underestimated, as incorrect or inappropriate information may undermine the specialist service provided by the embalmer and ultimately compromise the desired outcome for a family which has lifelong consequences.

  • The funeral director is the first point of contact in informing a family of the possibility of an open casket viewing.
  • Dependant on the outcome of communications with the family, the Funeral Director will then arrange for family members to meet with the embalmer to discuss the options available and the possibility of viewing their loved one.