Professional Embalming

As an entrusted provider, our team at Tallon Mortuary Specialists regard caring for a deceased family member as an extreme privilege.
Remaining heedful of the "Grief Process" and maintaining a deliverance of meticulous care, compassion and professional standards of excellence, we avail close family and friends that once and final opportunity to secure a positive and fitting memory of their loved one.

What is Embalming?

The process of embalming incorporates the hygienic preparation and preservation of a deceased human body in order to delay organic decomposition, therefore, safeguarding those who may be in contact with the deceased against the transfer of bacteria and possible infection.

Embalming also restores the deceased to a more acceptable and natural life-like appearance which utimately offers comfort to close family and friends.

What does it Involve?

The embalming process involves the following aspects of care and treatment:

  • Washing and dressing of the deceased
  • Arterial injection of chemical preservation
  • Removal of body fluids
  • Restoration of physical features
  • Hairdressing and application of cosmetic as required or requested
  • Respecting other personal wishes expressed by the deceased or their family 

The Value of Embalming and Viewing a Loved One

Embalming delays the natural process of organic decomposition, therefore allowing additional time for "waking" prior to burial and providing the opportunity to share grief and offer support to family and friends

Embalming fulfills the once-only and final opportunity to view a loved one, personally say goodbye and support the emotional needs of  grieving family and friends.  It confronts the reality that death has occurred  (In essence "Seeing is Believing") and is instrumental to the beginning of a positive grief journey.