Restorative Arts

Restorative procedures begin with the embalming process and may become more in depth dependent upon the circumstances surrounding the death of an individual. Restoration needs can vary from discoloration and slight defects to the need of post mortem reconstructive surgery, including facial restoration, if one has died from an accident, certain illnesses and other tragic circumstances resulting in severe trauma and disfigurement of their body and features.

What is Restorative Arts and Reconstructive Surgery?

Following a natural death, restorative measures beyond the embalming process often times are not necessary. However, when a death occurs resulting in severe trauma or disfiguration from an accident or other tragic circumstance, more extensive procedures may need to be carried out in order to achieve the level of “acceptability” and an identifiable state for the family.

A variety of fatal incidents can lead to disfiguration that may need restoring. Often times a family may be given misleading information by investigating officials and other personnel that their loved one is not viewable. Generally, these personnel are not qualified to make the determination whether an individual can be reconstructed and restored for viewing purposes, and they may not be fully aware that a qualified embalmer may be able to restore that individual to a viewable, identifiable and acceptable state.

To restore the deceased to a viewable state is often more desirable than closing the coffin and never seeing your loved one again. Viewing provides additional comfort for family and friends, enabling them to see their loved one and personally say goodbye. “Seeing is Believing” and is instrumental to the beginning of a positive grief journey.

  • Families should always consult with their Funeral Director to make the determination of the possibilities of an open coffin and may wish to seek a second opinion.
  • Dependent upon the outcome of communications with the family, the Funeral Director will then arrange for family members to meet with the embalmer to discuss the options available and the possibility of viewing their loved one.